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By on April 3, 2011


HeLa - The reviews keep on coming!

‘...a shocking slice of shamefully hidden history ...theatrically bold in the telling, with Onashile's heart-rending performance at its centre’ 

* * * * The Herald

"She embodies the woman herself with passion, integrity and sensitivity...Onashile's performance is just as compelling as the narrative she skilfully unfolds."

* * * * Broadway Baby

“...Adura Onashile gives a performance that is as spirited as it is heartbreaking...A provocative, chilling piece which cuts to the bone.”

* * * * The List

“It is an uneasy watch but an important piece of writing that throws into relief moral questions about race, poverty and the ethics of the ownership of human tissue that have been ignored for too long.”

* * * * All Edinburgh Theatre

“The fusion of video, music, monologue and physicality makes HeLa a feast for all the senses. This extraordinary, true story is treated with delicacy and astuteness...”

* * * * The Peoples Review

“...tightly told and meticulously researched, cut through with shocking statistics...

 We are left wondering what is more human: the DNA that make up our bodies or the personalities that come from our souls?”

* * * * Fest Mag

“This is a piece of theatre that not only entertains and moves, but asks essential questions about medical ethics, vulnerability and the abuse of trust.”

* * * * The Scotsman