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Creators of Daring Physical Performance

Ramesh Meyyappan, Snails and Ketchup, Iron Oxide

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by Strangebird Zirkus

In a remote tropical place a travelling salesman stumbles across an abandoned estate with a sole untamed inhabitant. His enthusiasm quickly upsets her delicate balance of memory, ritual and hard liquor. Unknown to them, the encounter is being observed, scrutinised, analysed, until the natural order is truly disrupted...

An encounter of absurd comedy, acrobatic stunts, Chinese pole and ill-fated gardening.

The show uses silent disco technology to offer two contrasting soundtracks for the audience.

Strangebird Zirkus are one of Scotland's leading contemporary circus companies. Specialising in aerial work, Chinese pole and floor acrobatics Lucy Deacon and Moritz Linkmann, both internationally trained, now work from an Edinburgh base. Their work is a fusion of high level dynamic circus tricks with a theatrical narrative.

Ornithology is their second full length touring show and was developed with the support of Creative Scotland.

Skewered Snails

by Ramesh Meyyappan

in association with Iron-Oxide

Born from Meyyappan’s original solo work SKEWERED SNAILS is the story of a dysfunctional family and of a boy who flees to the tree tops to seek solace from the brutality of his father. Boasting half a tonne of rope and four exceptionally dynamic performers, SKEWERED SNAILS introduces award winning Billy Mack as the impossible father, Adura Onashile as the ineffectual mother and Sita Pieraccini as the sibling rival to Ramesh Meyyappan, the boy compelled to live on trees for the rest of his life after promising ‘never to touch the ground again’ following relationship breakdowns with his family.

SKEWERED SNAILS is a highly physical performance boating half a kilometre of rope and four exceptional performers.

Snails and Ketchup

by Ramesh Meyyappan

In association with Iron-Oxide

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s ‘The Baron in the Trees’, SNAILS & KETCHUP is the darkly comic tale of a dysfunctional family and follows a son taking to the trees to live an arboreal existence, escaping his brutal home environment for the solace of the forest.

Powerfully told through solo performer Ramesh Meyyappan’s masterful storytelling, it uses physical performance, an ingenious aerial set and aerial choreography, animation and a complementary live score to poignantly unfold the lives of a young boy and his sibling, from the traumatic birth of the twins to a typical family dinner...

Ramesh’s outstanding command of his own physicality and extensive imagination allow him to embody the four members of this quirky family. He reminds us that despite familiar love being unconditional, it is sometimes impossible to co-exist with those we hold dear.

Snails & Ketchup was nominated for Total Theatre Awards UK. Ramesh won Life Theatre Award, Singapore (Best Actor) 2011. The show toured successfully with sell-out shows in Paris and Singapore before a run at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Made in Scotland showcase.

National Museum Of Scotland

Opening Ceremony

Iron-Oxide was commissioned by the NMS to create and produce an outdoor street party for their re-opening in 2011.

Two gargoyles, high on the museum roof came to life with unearthly physical movements. As they swooped across the façade of the building a Tex-Rex came to life. Making its way up Chambers Street it was joined by a swarm of aquatic sea creatures, the like of which challenged most Darwinian theories... As the unusual ensemble made their way to their new home they were met with a unique fanfare on the Carnyx, a 2,000 year old Scottish war horn composed by John Kenny and performed by his son Patrick. The Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers preceded a crescendo of Chinese Firecrackers will then signal the doors of the Museum were opened...


Created and produced by Iron-Oxide

Co-produced with the Edinburgh Mela in 2010

Weaving together physical performance, an impressive life size set, dramatic water-effects and mesmerizing live music, CARGO uses universal imagery to tell the stories of a handful of strange yet familiar characters. Following a young girl’s mystical quest in search of a place to call home, CARGO undulates between eerie fairytale-like scenes and water-soaked, smoke-infused Terry Gilliamesque drama. Beyond the high drama and visually striking performance, CARGO is an invitation to look at why and how people migrate, whether it be for a better life, to escape a past, for a new way of living or to find... themselves.

Feet First

In collaboration with Boilerhouse

A New Year’s Day event for 2009 that transformed Edinburgh's Royal Mile into a magical and surreal open air theatre showcasing the work of over 150 Scottish artists and performers ranging from intimate visual installations to large-scale aerial spectaculars and promenade pieces.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

A crane based aerial performance performed as part of Edinburgh’s 2007 Christmas celebrations.